Metropolis of Albuquerque is suing for alleged sexual abuse of minors in metropolis summer season camps

“At this summer camp, the city of Albuquerque gave minors the custody of other minors and not provided meaningful adult supervision,” said Laura Schauer, civil rights attorney.

“That is a terrible and natural consequence that is kind of expected. You know, 15 year old boys are responsible for young children and don’t look after them. That is, frankly, an unfortunate and not a shocking result, ”she added.

The camp participants were between five and 15 years old, while the supervisors were between 15 and 18 years old.

“Apparently there were two adults on the premises who did not carefully supervise around 75 to 100 camp participants,” said Schauer.

The lawsuit also contains allegations of physical abuse.

“The camp supervisors hit the children as hard as possible. They characterized it as a game without quotes, and these young girls had bruises that would have been visible to anyone, ”Schauer said.

The lawsuit alleges that regulators failed to report these allegations to law enforcement agencies for investigation.

“What parents want most is for the city to be accountable and for the city to change the way they run these camps. This, too, is like the parents’ worst fear, ”she said.

The city announced that both the Westgate overseer and the underage defendant are no longer employed by the city.

“The prosecutor has the information I believe needs to be checked. A detective has been investigating the case for some time, ”said Schauer.

The city sent a statement to KOB 4 that it will look into the lawsuit once it is received and that all city staff who regularly interact with juveniles will undergo background checks and be trained by officials on how to identify signs of abuse and correctly doing report suspicious activity.

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