Mom continues to seek for lacking daughter, final seen in Albuquerque

Pepita Rothaar is still missing. The last time someone saw her was in Albuquerque in March 2020.

Her mother said she has since looked for clues about her daughter’s disappearance.

“Pepita is loved by her family, I miss my daughter very much. It frustrates my daughter, my daughter is lost. I know someone out there knows something. Pepita, I won’t stop looking for her. ”

Redhead disappeared when she was 27 years old. In the days before, her family received text message photos of a smiling redhead who was even enjoying the Sandia Mountains.

Then on March 24th:

“This is Pepita, she was beaten just days before she disappeared and we just want answers and we just want to bring her home,” said Redhair’s mother.

Her family received a photo days before she went missing. This was the last time Redhair’s mother had contact with her and the first day her sister became her voice.

“I am her voice. My sister is a niece, a daughter and most of all a sister. My sister went missing on March 27, 2020. She was in an abusive relationship with Nick. My sister is a victim of domestic violence. “

Albuquerque police said they knew of a domestic history with Redhair’s then boyfriend, who lawyers said was Nicholas Kaye, and they are investigating.

Police also said that Redhair’s case had gone cold until recently. They said they were working on some new leads but wouldn’t say much more. And while the search for answers continues – her family has this message:

“Pepita had dreams of continuing her education. Pepita is a person. We want her back. We want answers. Unfortunately, Pepita’s father passed away last week. He left this world without knowing what had happened to his daughter Pepita Redhair. He didn’t get a degree. We want a closure. “

A rally entitled “Seeing Justice for Pepita Rothaar” is planned for this Sunday. Rehair’s mother said that while this rally was for her daughter, she hoped that others who also had missing loved ones would come to the rally.

Proponents said rallies like these are important:

“I think that’s important because as Indians we never had the opportunity to have a voice. And it is really important that our voices reach the outside world so that justice can be done to our missing and murdered women. “

The rally is planned for this Sunday, October 3rd, in the Tiguex Park from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

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