Native constituency hosts Albuquerque Mayors’ Discussion board

The big issues continued to take center stage, such as homelessness, which needs to be addressed. Mayor Keller admitted that the number of homeless people rose by thousands during his tenure. The Gateway Center was a big topic of conversation.

“You can go there and have a bed, shower, eat and then be sorted out, get addiction help, a housing voucher, get a supportive apartment, that’s what we need to close the gap in the system,” said Keller.

“I don’t think the Lovelace facility is the right place to colonize the homeless or people in need. What we should be doing is building an advocacy center where we can be successful. These people need treatment, all-round services and many other services and must not leave them on the street, ”said Sheriff Gonzales.

“We have to think about the best care on a case-by-case basis, which I can’t believe, I’m quoting Councilor Diane Gibson, but she had a great idea: homeless camps that we control, track, help and manage these people on a case-by-case basis Case, ”said Aragon.

The New Mexico Black Voters Collaborative also tried to hold the candidates accountable. They brought up Keller’s push for the football stadium and the big request for city dollars. On behalf of Gonzales, they raised the ethics complaint in which his campaign was recently fined $ 2,000 by the Ethics Council. For Aragon, they questioned his statements at Juneteenth.

The forum can be viewed on the NM Black Voters Collaborative Facebook page.

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