Native union helps senior residents in Albuquerque with heating

Members of the United Association of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local Union 412 got ready Saturday morning to help the community.

“All of the people here – there are about a hundred hands here today, and it’s a volunteer day for them. This is 100% from the kindness of your heart. You decided to show up this morning. They’ll go out all day, work their bums off and help the community, ”said Courtenay Eichhorst, Union manager.

Eichhorst said this is the 29th year the union has partnered with the city for “Project Heats On,” a service that would normally cost hundreds of dollars.

“We go out and turn on heating for elderly and disabled people, we need the help we do everything they need,” said Eichhorst.

Anna Sanchez, director of the city’s Department of Senior Affairs, said the annual event was helping them too.

“These are seniors who have called our information and assistance line and requested some type of home service, so we will certainly take these people first. In order to be able to work on our waiting list, this is a huge need in the winter months and we look forward to it that 412 could come out and help us reduce much of that waiting list, ”said Sanchez.

Sanchez said people can still get help with their HVAC system and many of the other services the city offers seniors.

“We’re running a home-eating program, of course we have great recreational opportunities for senior citizens and multigenerational homes, we provide care coordination, we offer a range of communities and resources for people in our community who are 60 years and older,” said Sanchez.

If you also need assistance, you can call the Department of Senior Affairs at 505-746-6400.

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