NE Albuquerque gasoline station homicide suspect arrested

The two men quarreled prior to the shooting, according to a surveillance video from the store. Mells reportedly shot Thompson for cursing and yelling at him, and claims Thompson shot him two years ago.

Witnesses reported New Mexico State Police authorities investigating the murder.

“Here is another example of the senseless and inexcusable violence that is seen far too often in Albuquerque these days. This chaos is why we are focusing our efforts on the greater Albuquerque area. NMSP officials worked diligently on the murder and quickly arrested it in the hopes that Albuquerque citizens would feel a little safer in their communities, ”said Tim Johnson, chief of New Mexico State Police. “Because of the proactive patrol and policing, NMSP officers were on the scene within minutes of committing this crime. I am grateful that I can bring some degree of graduation to the victim’s family. It is a privilege to be in charge of such a dedicated group of officers and investigators. Your unwavering commitment to citizens is truly remarkable. “

The murder does not count towards Albuquerque’s count as APD is not conducting the investigation. According to the KOB 4 count, Albuquerque has a record 81 homicides this year.

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