Nearly a decade later, suspects are named within the homicide of a lady in New Mexico

LAS VEGAS, NM (KRQE) – A New Mexico family has been waiting for answers to their daughter’s murder for nearly 10 years. Now the man they believe did all along is called their killer and his alleged accomplice is still at large.

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Cindy Rivera’s family say that suspects have finally been named in her death, they just hope to find her body. “We haven’t given up at all in these 10 years,” says her father Jesse Rivera. Now Cindy Rivera’s family is finally getting answers about her 2012 disappearance.

On Friday, the San Miguel District Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for 38-year-old Anselmo Ortiz in connection with her death. The warrant gives an insight into the alleged kidnapping and murder of the 19-year-old by Ortiz and Rivera’s ex-husband Christopher Trujillo. “They are inhuman, they are monsters,” says her sister Angela Lujan.

Rivera’s mother told investigators on a late June night in 2012 Rivera called her and said Trujillo and Ortiz were at their Las Vegas home. she said she could hear Trujillo screaming in the background. Rivera’s family say they have suspected Trujillo from day one. “They told me several times that he wasn’t a suspect and I know the whole town knows it except you,” says Jesse Rivera.

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Cell phone records show the men were in the same vicinity as Rivera at the time she disappeared. Court documents detailing the investigation over the past few months say the husbands of family members helped shower and burned their bloody clothes.

The next morning, investigators said Trujllo had told his brother, “I killed Cindy and we (Anselmo) buried her.”

“At some point, at some point, we felt like the bad guys – they feel like they got away with it and we never gave up,” says Angela Lujan.

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The men were never officially named as suspects in the case. But apparently Ortiz and Trujillo had an argument this year. Trujillo accused Ortiz of theft and overheard Ortiz talking to investigators about Rivera’s murder. Ortiz also thought that Trujillo would come after his family. But Trujillo killed himself at his home in May. At the scene of the crime, investigators found a recorded phone call in which Trujillo admitted killing Rivera and said he plans to pin it to Ortiz.

The family worries that Ortiz, accused of kidnapping, will slip through the cracks. “That’s our biggest fear at the moment, now that he knows he wants him to run,” says Angela Lujan.

And they say they really want to know where she is buried so that it can be closed. “She is a mother, she is a daughter, she means the world to us. We’d like to find them, ”says Angela Lujan.

In the warrant, police also say that Ortiz wanted money or a promise that if they wanted to know where Rivera was buried, he would not be charged in the case. The warrant also stated that Ortiz said he would have a shootout with law enforcement and take down as many officers as possible if they followed him.

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