Netflix seems poised to start increasing the Albuquerque movie studio

10 new sound stages, post-production services, offices, training rooms and a police station are planned.

“I think Netflix and the city are likely looking forward to a late summer permit application,” said Brennon Williams, director of planning for the city of Albuquerque.

Netflix has to go through the city’s planning department before anything is approved.

“Mesa del Sol is full of big chunks, you know, several acres of land, so Netflix is ​​suggesting that we take those big chunks and slice and dice them in different ways,” Brennon said.

The city wants to ensure that the infrastructure is taken into account in the plans.

“The city’s role is to make sure that all amenities that come with them – roads and things like that – go into the equation,” Brennon said.

The Development Review Board is expected to begin this discussion on Wednesday.

“As Albuquerque enters a rebound, we’re going to build on those successes, you know, the success of Netflix, to permanently secure Albuquerque as the third largest film hub in the country, at the top of LA and New York while it’s still going for leveraging the mix of culture and diversity of people that truly make Albuquerque a place like no other, “Jaramillo said.

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