New house applications intention to deliver NM to the ultimate frontier

“Let me just say welcome to the future, because this is the future of New Mexico right here,” said Senator Heinrich.

The goal of Unite and Ignite is to provide space access to make room for small businesses and innovators in the second space race.

“This is the habitat for future ecosystems for the accessibility and commercialization of space, not just for New Mexico, but the beginning of something great for the whole nation,” said Heinrich.

Project leaders said there is no better way to achieve this than through public-private partnerships.

“New Space New Mexico will join our other partners, New Mexico Tech, New Mexico Trade Alliance, the Team of Ingenuity UNM and the Arrowhead Center,” said Gabe Mounce, Air Force Research Laboratory.

The new partnership aims to empower the state’s space economy by providing three main services: concierge bringing people together, navigation services – helping companies find resources and co-innovate by providing space for their new technologies to be demonstrated.

“We’re putting New Mexico on the map as a pioneer in this new space era,” said Casey Anglada DeRaad, CEO of New Space New Mexico.

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