New knowledge reveals the place Albuquerque’s hourly wage ranks nationwide – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico (KRQE) – Latest quote from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) It shows that as of May 2020, the average hourly wage in Albuquerque was $ 24.80. The median annual income in the city was $ 51,590. It is estimated that the median hourly wage for all industries in New Mexico was lower than the other 35 states.

The wage estimates are generated from survey data collected annually from companies across the country. Average wages in New Mexico were slightly below Florida and some below Texas, according to May 2020 estimates (last available). The average hourly wage in Texas was $ 25.19.

In Albuquerque, obstetricians and gynecologists were the highest paid workers based on average hourly wages, the data shows. Several Albuquerque residents employed in these medical niches earned an average of $ 140.74 an hour. This means that your average annual revenue is $ 292,740.

Various other medical specialties are also among the top earners in Albuquerque. Building and engineering managers are also ranked highly, earning an average of $ 86.81 an hour. Lawyers went a little lower, making an average of $ 55.30 an hour.

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The average hourly wage in New Mexico is $ 23.87, which is below average for any occupation. Data: BLS .. App Users Click to view graph.

Albuquerque has the largest number of office and administrative support jobs, with more than 56,000 employees. Estimates show that their average hourly wage was $ 18.48. Sales jobs and the hospitality industry also helped many Albuquerque residents, according to the data. Each industry employed more than 33,000 people.

In Albuquerque, grocery prep and service jobs with average wages of just $ 11.58 an hour (including tips) were ranked low on the revenue list. That is 53% less than the average for all occupations in the city. Waiters and waitresses made an average of $ 10 an hour, including tips, and were among the lowest wages in town. Only the usher, lobby staff, and ticket office lost $ 9.96 an hour in income. Fast food workers and chefs make a little more, on average, but still less than $ 11 an hour.

The District of Columbia had the highest average hourly wages for food preparation and waiter jobs nationwide, at $ 20.15 an hour. New Mexico hospitality wages were rated low compared to most states. Ranks in the bottom 25% of the state’s average hourly wage in the industry, New Mexico works with Texas for $ 11.53 an hour, including tips.

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New Mexico wasn’t at the bottom of the list, but the state’s average hospitality worker wage was below the state average of $ 13.21 an hour. Data: BLS..App User Click to view graph.

In Santa Fe, food preparation and serving jobs were paid a little higher than in Albuquerque. In Santa Fe, the average fast food cook made $ 13.31 an hour, while waiters and waitresses made an average of $ 11.79 an hour, including tips.

Recently a national restaurant in Albuquerque given a staff shortage. NEXSTAR reported that some companies were offering bonuses to attract workers. However, BLS wage estimates do not include non-production premiums such as contracts. For example, recently in New Mexico, payment of return to work incentives is not included in the wage estimate. As a result, New Mexico wages have been below average, but some workers in the state may be looking for extra cash.

In addition, on January 1, 2021, the state raised the minimum wage from $ 9 an hour to $ 10.50 an hour. This is above the federal government’s mandated minimum wage of $ 7.25 an hour, which could boost wage estimates in the years to come. Their pre-tipping wages also rose from $ 2.35 to $ 2.55 an hour, according to the New Mexico Labor Solutions Authority.

New data shows where Albuquerque’s hourly wages are in the country Source link New data shows where Albuquerque’s hourly wages are in the country

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