New Mexico Black Voters Collaborative Hosts Discussion board for Mayoral Candidates

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – The Albuquerque mayoral candidates took the stage Monday night for a forum on the city’s problems. Crime was a central issue.

“We need to refinance the police, we need to do more constitutional policing, we need to make sure we take the $ 35 million out of the CARES bill and assign more to the police,” said Eddy Aragon, host of the radio talk show.

“There is over-politicization of policing and we need to get to the point where we start having policies that will benefit people’s safety,” said Manny Gonzales, Bernalillo County’s sheriff.

“To say that politics is the main crime problem is a complete disservice to both victims and law enforcement agencies. We all know what the main problem is, addiction and drugs, ”said incumbent Mayor Tim Keller.

The forum was held at Highland High School and was hosted by the New Mexico Black Voters Collaborative. All three candidates asked the questions on the ballot. Many of the questions focused on issues facing Albuquerques vulnerable groups, including communities of color as well as the homeless population.

“Every candidate should support the Gateway Center. You can go there, go to sleep, shower, eat, then sort yourself out for addiction and treatment, get a voucher for accommodation, ”says Keller.

“There is a carrot and a whip for public safety. The carrot is the service piece that they use to provide these people with resources and lead them in the right direction when they don’t stick to it and break the law, that’s the crux of the matter, “said Gonzales.

“Homeless camps where we, as our customers, can control, track, help and manage these people on a case-by-case basis. So that we can help them find their home forever, ”said Aragon.

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