New Mexico eating places really feel the pinch when rooster costs soar

Drew Lipscomb of Ms. Gennie’s House of Chicken said they are doing everything possible to avoid getting fried while the so-called “chicken wars” heat up.

“Our roast chicken, we give every piece of bread,” said Lipscomb.

Except these days it seems to be getting more expensive to get these pieces.

“A little over a month ago we saw the rise in chicken prices, as did a 10 to 12 cents increase in our prices,” recalled Lipscomb. “But if you order the amount of chicken we have, it makes a really big difference.”

Lipscomb said they order hundreds of pounds every week.

“These are just our fried chicken pieces. It’s not like our rotisserie and everything, ”Lipscomb said.

Several factors have contributed to the nationwide shortage, including a recent storm that struck Texas in February. This affected the supply.

“It’s just stressful, do you see what I mean? Everything is stressful right now and then we add that to our meal costs, you know, we just want to make sure we can keep our quality and not have to compromise on the actual ordering, ”Lipscomb said.

At one point, Lipscomb said that only frozen chicken was available, but they decided not to order it. Instead, they stay informed, adapt, and “even give it a boost” by introducing customers to other products they offer, such as: B. fried catfish.

“When you come here you can sense that it is a home cooked meal,” Lipscomb said.

That’s what she said sets her apart from fast food chains.

“It’s frustrating, but definitely not something we think we can’t get over,” said Lipscomb.

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