New Mexico firm behind highly effective vaccine registration web site

Her team created the COVID-19 vaccine registration website in New Mexico.

“We’ve been doing projects for about 21 years, right? But on this project our people are just excited to be a part of it because they’re helping New Mexicans,” said Steve.

New Mexico was the first country in the country to have a state vaccine registration website.

The website is not just for people who want to sign up.

Vendors can also create a schedule and let the state know how many vaccines are available.

The Department of Health then checks where the vaccines are available and sends notifications to people who can register for an appointment.

“There is no coordinated effort like this in other states,” said Chris.

Instead of getting a notification over a phone, many people in other states have to look for their own appointments.

“Early on, the key to our success was connecting people with vendors who had vaccines,” said Chris.

The system also has an “Expiring Vaccine” tab so the state can ensure that doses are not wasted.

A state spokesman said Real Time Solutions was an integral part of vaccination success in New Mexico.

“What this also shows is that New Mexicans, New Mexico corporations, can rise to the occasion,” said Steve.

Real Time Solutions is not only responsible for the government vaccination registration website. It is also responsible for the state’s website, which records tests, positivity rates, and case numbers.

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