New Mexico Fuel Co. says the winter storm did not have an effect on service

Almost 30,000 customers across the state turned off their gas during a cold spell in 2011. According to New Mexico Gas Co., the problem originated with their producer in Texas.

“The problem was on the production side because of the extremely cold temperatures in Texas,” said Tim Korte, a spokesman for New Mexico Gas.

Since then, the company has invested in infrastructure like additional piping, but Korte said the major projects didn’t specifically respond to the 2011 outage.

“The New Mexico Gas Company has spent more than $ 120 million on capital improvements over the past 10 years to strengthen our pipeline system nationwide and to respond to growth and demand specifically in northern New Mexico,” said Korte.

The new infrastructure can also help in the event of a renewed failure. Additional pipelines would act like a backup plan if cold air wreaked havoc again.

“We are very confident,” said Korte. “We have built a lot of safeguards into our system to ensure our customers have the gas when they need it.”

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