New Mexico Invigorates Anti-Litter Marketing campaign “Toss No Mas”

He says the problem seemed to worsen during the pandemic.

The campaign includes the message, “Bind it. Schedule it. Pick it up.”

Officials say they found the largest collections of trash came from people who did not tie up their trash bags, tarpaulin their loads, or pick up dropped debris or trash.

The “Toss No Mas” campaign was launched by Cooney-Watson Productions in the 1990s. Santa Fe songwriter Jim Terr wrote a memorable song with an anti-litter message for the public service. Taos musician Michael Hearne was then induced to sing a soulful version of the song, and it became a well-known anthem throughout New Mexico.

The modernization of the campaign includes a new jingle for the radio. At gas stations with digital slogans, digital ads, social media campaigns, billboards and ice packs are also placed.

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