New Mexico lady ordained priest, requires church reform

Anne Tropeano said she wanted to initiate reforms in the church and was pushing for the allowance of priestesses.

Her name is “Father Anne” and already attended a theology school in California. While there are many denominations of Christianity that allow female clergymen, Tropeano said she wanted to remain Catholic.

“God asks me to do this, and so it came down to either obeying the Church’s teaching or being obedient to God, and we all know that the Church has changed her teaching on other issues over time,” she said.

The archdiocese did not approve the ceremony on Saturday, reports the Santa Fe New Mexican. The ceremony took place privately in an Episcopal Church in downtown Albuquerque.

Tropeano will hold her first services at St. Paul Lutheran Church on Sunday.

While the Catholic Church does not allow priestesses in its ranks, Pope Francis has commissioned a group to investigate the role of deaconesses, but the Vatican has stated that priestesses are not an option.

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