New Mexico officers give COVID-19 replace

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SANTA FE, NM (KRQE) – The New Mexico Secretary of Health Dr. Tracie Collins, and Dr. Human Services Secretary David Scrase announced on Wednesday, Jan.

All New Mexico counties are now on the Turquoise Plain

Some New Mexicans who received their COVID-19 vaccine were concerned that they would not appear on the Vax View New Mexico state vaccine immunization website. While some were able to find their vaccination history, others were unable to find a record.

The state says that Vax View is a segregated system from the total number of vaccines and that COVID-19 vaccine providers may not enter the correct information into Vax View, which is why COVID vaccines may not appear on this website. The problem had some doubts as to whether the state has an accurate count of vaccine numbers. However, the state insists that every single COVID shot be counted, even if it is not displayed in Vax View.

State is addressing issues with vaccine records website

This is because New Mexico continues to strive to meet its goal of having 60% of its residents fully vaccinated by the end of June. If the state meets this mark, New Mexico will exit the color-coded county risk system and the state will reopen.

New Mexico announced an incentive program that offers a total of $ 10 million in prize money as well as additional prizes and awards for residents who receive their COVID-19 vaccinations. Residents can sign up for the Vax 2 the Max Sweepstakes, which features weekly draws with a winner receiving $ 250,000 for a total of $ 1 million per week.

New Mexico Vaccine Sweepstakes Offers $ 10 Million Total Prizes

A grand prize of $ 5 million will be awarded to a winner at the end of the competition in early August. In addition to the cash raffles, New Mexicans who receive their vaccinations through vendors in the state’s registration system can win various prizes such as “residency” travel packages, fishing and hunting licenses, and annual passes for day use of state parks.

During the last update of the statewide COVID-19 map on Wednesday, June 2, the New Mexico Department of Health announced that all 33 counties in the state were on the turquoise level.

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