New Mexico points disaster requirements for hospital care

“New Mexico hospitals and health facilities have carried an unmanageable burden due to COVID,” said incumbent NMDOH secretary David Scrase Precious – Health Resources. As always, the goals remain the same: to save as many lives as possible and to support the health care providers who have supported our communities throughout this pandemic. “

Crisis management standards were last introduced in New Mexico in December 2020.

What do Crisis Standards of Care mean for patients and service providers?

NMDOH: Hospitals and care providers are already faced with difficult decisions about who will be cared for. Under CSC, institutions across the state will now use a more standardized and equitable process to make these decisions. In addition, an institution must temporarily suspend non-medically necessary procedures before reaching this point.

This is a developing story. Tommy Lopez will have the latest on KOB 4 at 5 p.m.

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