NM Black Voters Collaborative is internet hosting a discussion board for CD-1 candidates

“You all seem genuinely qualified for this position, and we look forward to learning more about what changes you are making and how you will be an effective representative of New Mexico CD-1,” said Mason Graham, member of the NMBVC : “The main objective of this event really is to be able to ask some of the more difficult questions on topics that are very relevant in New Mexico and across the country right now.”

Some of the issues are police reform, civil rights, social justice and electoral protection.

“It often happens that blacks, as well as the Asian community, are excluded from this conversation about government and legislation,” said Graham. “Our problems and the things that matter most to us are usually not addressed.” a place where they can be heard. “

Sen. Moores has canceled his appearance in the forum. His team sent this statement, which in part reads:

“The Moores for Congress campaign has participated or agreed to participate in 7 forums and debates through June 1st.”

Cathryn McGill, President and CEO of the New Mexico Black Leadership Council, sent a statement in response to Moore’s statement:

“The NM state flag celebrates ‘perfect friendship between united cultures’. The New Mexico Black Voters Collaborative is proud of the multicultural coalition we have put together to demonstrate what a united New Mexico could look like. We are very grateful to the candidates who, in this spirit of unity, chose to join the NMBVC coalition. “

Click here to register in the forum.

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