NM hospitals are effectively on their technique to reaching disaster ranges of care throughout the subsequent week

In addition, officials are forecasting a 20% increase in hospital admissions over the next two weeks.

“I think we have to meet people where they are,” said Dr. Laura Parajon of the New Mexico Department of Health. “We have a history of suspicion, racism and trauma in our health care system. Part of it is up to us to build trust, reach this community, and that is part of what we are trying to do in the department.” of Health – Reach out to community health workers to give them the facts they need to make that personal decision, that community decision. Here we look to our church as we can all work together. As you said, it doesn’t go away. “

There are a number of reasons New Mexico hospitals are already feeling the strain. State health officials said one reason is staffing – there is a shortage of nurses across the country.

In addition, the hospitals were already full due to patient delays in the past year and a half.

Health officials said they are forecasting 1,300 to 1,500 cases of COVID-19 per day through August. Virtually all of the new cases in New Mexico are of the Delta variant, and it is an unvaccinated pandemic.

Most cases, hospital admissions, and deaths are among the unvaccinated, according to NMDOH. However, as the state collects more data, officials found that there were also more cases of COVID-19 among people who were vaccinated.

From February to August, almost 90% of all COVID-19 cases were among the unvaccinated. Last month around 23% of COVID-19 cases were among those vaccinated.

Health officials said it was still important to note that the vaccine is still highly effective in preventing serious illness, hospitalizations and death. They urge the New Mexicans to get vaccinated.

There has been a huge surge in vaccinations in the last month – almost 40% more from July to August.

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