NMSU, NM EDGE honor graduates with a digital celebration

Three officials completed the New Mexico Certified Public Management Program and were recognized in a virtual degree on June 23.

New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service manages the nationally accredited NM EDGE program, which stands for Education Designed to Generate Excellence in the public sector.

“NM EDGE serves as the New Mexico State University’s Cooperative Extension Service program to find and fill educational gaps in the public sector with affordable, accessible, and meaningful courses,” said Mary C. DeLorenzo, NM EDGE program director. “We honor these remarkable officials and their commitment to our common goal of better government through education. These people have shown their commitment to success under all circumstances. “

Certified Public Manager graduates included Randa Jesko, Curry County’s Certified Public Assessment Officer and Chief Deputy Assessor and Geographic Information Systems Analyst; Janie Hoffman, Quay County evaluator; and Stan Ross, Architectural Access Specialist for the Governor of New Mexico’s Commission on Disability.

“Being part of the New Mexico EDGE offers a variety of opportunities,” said Jeanine Eden, NM EDGE program coordinator. “These graduates had to go through a graduation project and many hours of thought and dedication in the public service sector.”

To earn the New Mexico Certified Public Manager designation, a minimum of 300 hours of 60 classrooms, 18 hours of assessments, and an supervised capstone is required.

“It is a process and a journey that is with us all the time and we are honored to welcome you to the ranks of certified public managers worldwide,” said DeLorenzo.

“I decided to become a civil servant because it is a great honor for me to give something back to this community that has given me so much,” said Jesko. “I’m proud of Curry County. It is my home This place raised me and invested my whole life in myself, and choosing to serve this community allows me to do my part to make a difference and to play an active role in the advancement of this community. “

“I choose to become a civil servant because serving other people brings excitement and joy to my life,” said Hoffman.

“I choose to become a civil servant because I believe it will enable me to help make life better for all of us,” said Ross.

Venessa Ellen Burk, Procurement Specialist for the Albuquerque Housing Authority, was also recognized as a Certified Public Procurement Expert (CPPP) for her achievements; Melissa Ann Gunn, Curry County’s director of human resources, as a Certified Public Officer (CPO); and Michelle Romero, Los Lunas Public Schools’ Chief Procurement Officer and Chief Procurement Officer, a Certified Public Ethics Attorney (CAPE).

To learn more about the NM EDGE program, click here.
Author: Tiffany Acosta-NMSU


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