Nonprofits transfer 80 animals from overcrowded New Mexico animal shelters

“I have some great looking dogs on board today. We have already made our first stop in Salt Lake and are about to be borrowed and then headed home for the day,” said Dr. Peter Rork, Founder and President of Dog Is My CoPilot.

Rork’s nonprofit helps move endangered animals from overcrowded animal shelters to adoption centers across the country.

“Our Dog Is My CoPilot organization offers long-distance haulage free of charge to senders and recipients,” he said. “Transportation is increasingly becoming part of the animal overpopulation problem.”

Since the organization was founded in 2012, they have transported 17,000 cats and dogs.

A very special animal marked this milestone on the flight from Sunport on Sunday. A dog named Grizz was the organization’s 17,000th official passenger.

“Today it’s 17,000 and we’re moving. We should reach 20,000 in the next few months and we’re very excited about that,” said Rork.

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