Officers in Albuquerque are offering out of doors security suggestions

“I like to watch the birds and I like to find things and like ants,” said Alexander.

“I visit a lot and I just enjoy the outdoors, I enjoy the scenery, the quiet, the quiet, the tranquility and the just nature,” said Jan Powell, a hiker.

Powell and her family said they are always prepared to be prepared for anything that might happen on the trails.

“I always make sure he has band aids, antiseptics, sunscreen, hats, and extra layers because you never know when to come out in the morning when it’s cold, but when you finish in the afternoon it’s usually pretty much that time warm, ”said Riann Martinez.

However, not everyone comes prepared. Kyle Bality of the city’s Open Space Division said the number of rescue operations has increased since the pandemic began as more people use open space.

Before you set off, Bality said it was always a good idea to bring plenty of water, appropriate layers, and let someone know where you are going.

“Know where you are going, get a map, be prepared for any weather or type of rain,” Bality said during a public safety event on Saturday at Elena Gallegos Open Space.

Bality also said that people should be aware of the wildlife in the area.

“We have rattlesnakes up here. The general thing is, if you hear a rattle, just step away, stop it, make sure you know where the snake is, they are not anything to be scared of Rattlesnakes are generally very docile. Things out here won’t hurt you, ”he said.

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