Particular person discovered lifeless in downtown Albuquerque

[1] Delta Variant, Other Common Diseases Spreading – As the Delta variant of COVID-19 spreads, the New Mexico Department of Health is once again encouraging people to get tested. Health officials say cases rose from 25% to 80% in just one month. About a month ago, people celebrated the full reopening of the state by taking off masks, lifting capacity limits, and more. Nationwide, nearly two dozen cases of viruses like RSV and flu were reported to Tricore Labs in a given week last month. Officials say in a normal year that number is zero in July.

[2] APS continues to face teacher and staff shortages; works to fill positions – Corporations across the state are struggling to recruit enough people, including school districts. In June, Albuquerque public schools had 370 teaching positions open, ranging from middle to high school. APS spokeswoman Monica Armenta says the number is fluid as some positions are currently being filled. They are currently also the abbreviation for employees in the catering industry, caretakers and bus drivers.

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