Playgrounds stay an issue for the New Mexico faculty districts

The state’s new education minister said he was not an expert on broadcasting, but he listened to the experts’ suggestions when compiling guidelines for schools.

“When you’re outside, where the air flows well, you don’t have to wear a mask, and that’s what the experts say, who create a consensus on all the data that gets through,” said Kurt Steinhaus, secretary of the state education ministry.

The guidelines on page 25 of the New Mexico Public Education Department’s COVID-19 Toolkit state:

“It is recommended, but not required, that unvaccinated individuals wear masks outdoors when participating in outdoor play, break, and physical education activities.”

Some schools said they go beyond these guidelines.

“We regularly remind students how to stay COVID-safe in playgrounds and classrooms, including demonstrations of what a six-foot social distance is like,” said a spokesman for Rio Rancho Public Schools.

The school said it will also try to keep students moving during breaks to avoid unnecessary gatherings.

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