Previous City is experiencing a enterprise surge two weeks after NM reopened

“It’s getting back to normal. And I hope it stays that way, ”said Susan Parson, a native of New Mexico.

New Mexico has been fully reopened in two weeks, and you can see that.

“I also think the vaccination rate makes it a little more comfortable. Knowing that it’s higher here than other places may make it more convenient to come here,” said Ariel Goff-Burson.

Stores like the Raven Blues Coffeehouse Cafe are fine with that.

“It was like … it was booming. I would say. We have tons of tourists from all over the place now and before that it was pretty much locals, ”said a Raven Blues Coffeehouse Café employee. “Our sales are about the same as they were before the pandemic.”

The staff member said she spoke to a handful of travelers from Texas, Arizona and Colorado.

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