Public votes for brand spanking new open house in Albuquerque

The city’s newest open space on the West Side is being planned.

“This is a part of our natural ecosystem that I’ve never been to because it’s closed and not open to the public.

On Saturday, the city invited the public to tour the property to collect trash and provide suggestions on how to evolve into an open space.

“I don’t think we need such a huge visitor space or that kind of built-up area, but we’re thinking of other ways we could encourage people to be here and enjoy this place,” said Connealy.

In March, the city bought the 23-acre property in front of Coors along the West Side Bosque for $ 6.7 million. The plans were to build a new subdivision of houses in the country, but nothing more.

“No, now these 23 hectares will not be built on, but will be permanently protected as open space. It will be a public place,” said Colleen McRoberts, Superintendent of the Open Space Division.

The city is currently cleaning up the area and removing hazards like dead trees, loose cables, and exposed plumbing while getting feedback and ideas from the community as it develops a plan for the property.

“Now we are dreaming together to see how this property can support future outdoor recreation and education, and we are also thinking about how it will protect the greater San Antonio Oxbow area, a truly important environmental area that this property is so important and important to McRoberts said.

There are two other ways to learn about the property and provide information on the San Antonio Oxbow Extension.

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