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So the mayoral elections in Albuquerque got bigger.

Within 14 days, it seems that Conservative talk show host and radio station owner Eddy Aragon has received enough support to get his name in the 2021 mayoral election where he would join incumbent Tim Keller and Sheriff Manuel Gonzales of Bernalillo.

Aragon, a Republican, surpassed the 3,000 petition signatures required for the vote as of late Tuesday, according to the Albuquerque town clerk’s website.

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Qualification still requires certification from the Bernalillo County Clerk’s Office, which has already certified both Keller and Gonzales.

Tuesday was the deadline for mayoral candidates who wanted to run privately funded campaigns to get enough petition signatures.

Albuquerque’s candidate for mayoral Eddy Aragon

Aragon, 46, originally submitted registration papers for the mayoral candidate in the spring, but wanted to skip the race. He had also registered as a candidate in the mayoral election in 2017, but retired long before election day.

Partly spurred on by recent pressure from his Republican compatriots, he began his efforts to get voting for 2021 at the end of July.

“We need to represent our party in this election,” said Aragon in an interview on Tuesday.

Aragon would be the only Republican on the ballot, even though the city elections are technically impartial. Both Keller and Gonzales are Democrats, but Gonzales takes more conservative positions and traveled to Washington, DC last year to meet with Republican President Donald Trump.

Aragon is from Albuquerque and owns 1600 AM, where he hosts his own talk show three hours a day. He attributed such a revelation to his ability to quickly mobilize the support necessary to get on the ballot.

According to the town clerk’s website, he collected 3,305 signatures, all online.

“We have more than enough momentum and a lot of people behind our campaign,” he said.

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