Renamed standard Albuquerque park

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque woman is life sustaining and will not survive after allegedly beaten by her husband. Bernalillo County MPs responded to a phone call about domestic violence at the couple’s home just days earlier. So did you miss the red flags? When MPs replied to the South Valley home last weekend, they interviewed the couple, separated them for the evening, and left. Days later, 42-year-old Kristy Rivera was brain dead and her husband was charged with murder.

Bernalillo County Sheriff’s deputies said 54-year-old Jerome Gutierrez admitted beating his wife for 10 years, which doctors said led to her brain death. Court documents say MPs answered a call about domestic violence at the couple’s home in South Valley last Saturday. Rivera told MPs Gutierrez hit and hit her after an argument and then pulled a gun at her. MPs found that Rivera was unable to make eye contact and responded slowly and vaguely.

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