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ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The Section 8 Subsidized Housing Waiting List will reopen September 1 after it closed 28 months ago, the Bernalillo County Department of Housing announced Friday.

However, inclusion on this waiting list is no guarantee that a person will move into an apartment under Section 8 in the foreseeable future.

According to Craig Smith, senior administrative assistant for the Department of Housing, the waiting list is reopening with 600 people left, “and we expect thousands to be added by the time it closes, although there is no tentative date on when that will happen.”

The waiting list was discontinued on May 1, 2013 “because of confiscation of federal funds and budget cuts”, in particular by the Federal Office for Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

§ 8 Housing is a long-term rent subsidy for low-income families and individuals. Individuals who qualify and are approved will be given a voucher to cover a portion of their monthly rent, an amount determined by a HUD formula that takes into account family size and market rental rates for that particular city, Smith said.

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Section 8 Housing, in which customers can find their own apartment as long as the landlord is willing to accept a rental voucher, differs from social housing in which individuals or families with low incomes live in designated low-income buildings.

Section 8 of housing by the Albuquerque City Housing Authority remains closed with a waiting list of 2,463 names, equivalent to a wait of about three years, said Linda Bridge, executive director of the city housing authority.

The completion of a pre-application for inclusion on the District Housing List under Section 8 must be completed online and cannot be done in person at the Bernalillo District Housing Office. However, people with disabilities who limit their access to the online pre-application process can get help and special accommodation by calling the housing department on Mondays and Wednesdays between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. on 314-0200.

There are no costs for submitting an online pre-registration and no additional documents are required.

“Documentation is required when someone’s number is drawn, although we don’t know when we will have another waiting list raffle or how many will be in the raffle,” said Smith. “Everything depends on the funding.”

Documents that may be required include a driver’s license or other personal ID, certificate of income, disabled status if applicable, proof of birth and proof of citizenship such as a nationality certificate.

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