Residents with out sizzling water for 3 weeks within the Albuquerque house complicated

According to local residents and a notice from the Albuquerque Code Enforcement, the hot water has been out since August 15. The same notice stated that 70 units of one of the residential buildings were affected, which makes up half of the residents of the complex.

“That’s just not acceptable to me,” said Angela Romero, who lives in one of these units, and said showering and cleaning were a disaster.

“You have to boil water just to wash the dishes,” said Romero, “a cold shower isn’t really something I like.”

“I guess okay, can I get a gym membership so I can use your shower?” said Celeste Padilla, who is in the same situation. She said the complex management is in constant contact with residents but says nothing is being resolved.

“Every day we receive a text message apologizing for the inconvenience we are handling each day to find an answer, but there is no estimated time to fix it.”

Local residents say management offered an alternative that anyone can shower in one of the empty apartments in another building or use the communal showers near the pool.

“Being showered after God knows who and no one cleans it, I mean, I clean it before I shower. But it’s just ridiculous,” said Paula Howard, another resident.

The showers near the pool are only open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. You have to reserve a place for showering in the apartment as the door is not locked.

“There was a code to get you into the apartment and then there was absolutely no way to close the door, so as a woman I felt uncomfortable going there myself and showering and hoping that nobody would take me entered. ” said Romero.

Code Enforcement gave the complex until September 9th to resolve the issue, according to the announcement. On the same day, the crews were in the complex replacing the water heater.

But it’s too little too late for Howard.

“Our lease expires on the sixth and we’re out,” says Howard. “I don’t care if I have to pay a lot more, we have to get out of here.”

KOB 4 spoke to a staff member at the complex who said they had no comment on what was going on but confirmed that the new water heater was being installed.

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