SCOTUS ‘determination on vaccine mandates may have an effect on the New Mexico workforce

Some New Mexico business leaders are concerned about the potential mandate.

“If that is decided, it will be very expensive,” said Carla Sonntag, CEO of the New Mexico Business Coalition.

Sunday also said it would hurt companies already struggling to find employees.

“So if you are on the verge of full employment – having the option of losing employees because of compulsory vaccinations or having them tested frequently, that puts a strain on employers and employees who are just trying to feed their families,” said Sonntag.

However, legal expert Josh Kastenberg said those workers still have a choice if the Supreme Court upholds mandate.

“Nobody is forced to take a vaccine, but what a big company should have done in the end is the choice of either laying off workers who choose not to get vaccinated or telling workers, ‘Hey, if you ‘This is where you have to keep your vaccines up to date,’ said Kasternberg.

The court heard oral arguments for about four hours on Friday morning. Kasternberg said it was difficult to predict the outcome.

This is not the only mandate the Supreme Court is dealing with. There is a similar mandate for vaccines in healthcare that could apply to around 20 million healthcare workers – which the court seems more open to.

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