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The Sobremesa Restaurant and Brewery opened last month at 3421 Coors NW. The owners are confident of keeping the restaurant as safe as possible. (Roberto E. Rosales / Albuquerque Journal)

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The owners of Sobremesa Restaurant and Brewery said convenience is at the core of their business model, and that’s what they hope to bring to Albuquerque’s West Side – be it comfort food, comforting beer, or a comfortable dining experience.

“What we were trying to create was not just a pleasant environment and accessible beers, but also a comfortable menu, and I think New Mexican comfort food is different from what many people would consider traditional American comfort food,” he said Co-owner and chief brewer David Facey said.

Opened in mid-September at 3421 Coors NW, Sobremesa is the creation of long-time food industry veterans in Albuquerque, Facey, Nick Giron and Ryan Strilich, backed by owner and investor Sujay Thakur.

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The location of the brewery on Coors is no coincidence.

Despite the rapid expansion on the West Side in recent years, local eateries are lagging a bit, with chain restaurants dominating this side of the city.

“We knew there was going to be some growth, and we also knew that the clientele in the region were younger families looking to do something, somewhere,” said Strilich. “Instead of going to the Applebee’s, the Chili’s, and the chain restaurants, we wanted to offer something that was more locally grown.”

Menu items at Sobremesa Restaurant and Brewery include popular dishes like cheeseburgers and tacos.

Strilich said the plan was originally to build a breakfast room, and the idea for a restaurant and brewery came later.

“We have decided that we want to make it big,” he said. “We knew a very experienced brewer in David and we thought he’d be interested in the project so we all just put our heads together and found a restaurant / brewery.”

Strilich said it was important to stand out from the competition while offering extensive menu options.

“A lot of that is kind of comfort food and … typical traditional New Mexican food, Mexican food, and Spanish food,” he said. “We have tacos, we have empanadas, you will also see some bar food like fish and chips, hamburgers, sandwiches, cubanos, salads and the like.”

Regarding beers, head brewer Facey said he used his nearly ten years of experience, including stints at the Canteen Brewhouse, Quarter Celtic Brewpub, and Steelbender Brewyard, to share his beers with information.

“We look at trends and see how we can improve them or make them our own or do a little different, but we’re really excited to be a part of the local brewing industry,” said Facey.

The restaurant’s 10-barrel system allows the restaurant to play around with seasonal options and possibly even brew limited-edition canned releases, he said.

Facey said the community has been receptive to its new neighbor since it opened.

“We have had some good feedback from the neighborhood, customers, our employees and really everyone,” he said. “A lot of people are shocked that you would open a business in a pandemic, but we felt we could do it.”

Strilich said the restaurant is taking many measures to keep everyone safe, such as: B. Temperature tests for employees and customers as well as single-use items.

“We wanted to make sure everyone was comfortable,” he said.

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