Some eating places in Albuquerque haven’t been inspected since 2019

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Records show that some Albuquerque restaurants are not conducting inspections, which means health and hygiene regulations may not be enforced.

According to the city’s website, some restaurants have been inspected twice so far this year, which is the city’s policy, but some have not been inspected in more than three years.

“We have already been told that,” said Dr. Mark DiMenna, acting director of the city’s Department of the Environment.

DiMenia said it wasn’t that these restaurants weren’t inspected, he said it was a data problem between the website and the department’s records.

“If the report says that the last time a site was inspected a few years ago, it may just not be getting the most up-to-date data.”

He said he checked one of the restaurants surveyed.

“We looked back to see our records show that it was inspected in mid-2020 and is now due again,” DiMenna said.

But KOB 4 has found some restaurants that have not been inspected since 2019, which DiMenna says may be true.

“It is possible that some places have not been inspected since the second half of 2019.”

He said that during the pandemic, inspectors were more focused on COVID compliance than food safety, and even had to conduct virtual inspections.

“Basically, we let a responsible person run through Zoom to perform a virtual inspection. Because we didn’t want inspectors to go from one facility to another, ”DiMenna said.

DiMenna said he couldn’t say how many restaurants fall into that category, but they are now trying to catch up.

“We hope that there is patience and understanding. We certainly do not want to purposely sweep something under the rug.”

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