Some New Mexico eating places are dealing with skyrocketing utility payments as a result of Texas freezing

“I was just amazed at the amount people paid for gasoline during that time,” said Carol Wight, CEO of the New Mexico Restaurant Association.

Wight said depending on where restaurants get their gasoline, some owners face huge gas bills.

“I got a call from a member and told me their gasoline price went from $ 1,900 a month to $ 25,000 in March, and that’s a big problem,” she said.

Wight said the increase was due to the major freeze and blackout that happened across Texas in February.

“You will remember it mostly affected Texas, but what it did was gas prices in New Mexico,” she said.

The soaring utility bills are just another difficulty on top of an already stressful year.

“It’s just a composite event that took people by surprise, and it’s just one thing we weren’t expecting at the moment, and it’s just kind of an accumulation,” said Wight.

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