Spa house owners in Albuquerque are involved about homeless camps close to their enterprise

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A visit to the spa is supposed to be peaceful and calm, but the owners of a business in Albuquerque say it hasn’t recently. Homeless people set up camp nearby and caused a lot of problems and the owners said they were afraid to go to work.

“It’s on every corner, no matter where you go,” says Ann Marie Fleischmen, owner of Luminescence Beauty and Wellness in Carlisle near Montgomery. Fleischmen says she’s used to seeing homeless camps all over Albuquerque. Now one has shown up right behind her spa.

Fleischmen says she and her business partner Danielle Lithyouvong reported the camp to Albuquerque Police, 311, and the mayor’s office. Now the situation is escalating and only recently one of the residents of the camp tried to break into their spa.

“He ran into the door with full force to pry it open,” said Lithyouvong. She says he then ran around the building and threw a stone through the window.

“You could possibly have injured an employee or a customer of mine,” said Lithyouvong. Now they say they are both afraid to go to work. They are concerned not only for their own safety, but also for the safety of their employees and their customers.

“With the summertime, the sun sets earlier. I work late, it’s scary to go now, ”said Fleischmen. After seven years, Fleischmen says they are concerned that their only option might be to pack up and move to a new location.

The solid waste department says they were out on Tuesday to clean up the camp. Fleischmen says the camp burned down Tuesday morning. Solid Waste confirms that there was debris from the fire on the premises.

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