Storm washes away trash from the Albuquerque homeless camp

“We all as a community need to focus on homelessness, but what we have now is a lot of homeless people down here downtown,” said Baker. “They just infiltrate all over the place and there are big camps and they leave all the trash behind, but nobody is monitoring that. And it affects companies as well as owners, as fathers, as taxpayers, as community members. “

KOB 4 contacted the city about Baker’s concerns.

A spokesman said the storms were a real challenge for homeless people in Albuquerque, especially as they could lose their belongings or be injured in the process.

While homelessness has increased in all cities across the country, Albuquerque has doubled the number of uninhabited people and continues to seek to help these people.

As for the rubble, city officials hoped that all residents would do their part by throwing away their rubbish.

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