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Some are quick.

Others are angry.

But there is one element in common among the 250 cars on display at Supernationals 2018 – meticulously crafted love.

“These vehicles are spectacular,” says Reggie Tibbetts, who is producing the event. “I believe there are 13 states on the show this year. This year is an exceptional year with a strong following of national feature cars and traveling show cars. “

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The event begins today and will last until Sunday, February 4, in the Manuel Lujan building at Expo New Mexico.

One of the vehicles Tibbetts looks forward to when New Mexicans see it is the 1936 Packard-based creation Mullholland Speedster.

The vehicle has received every award at the auto shows it has been to.

“America’s Most Beautiful Roadster” was taken home at the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona, California in 2017. It is owned by Bruce Wanta.

The vehicle was designed in 2010 by Eric Black, who wanted it to be part Art Deco, part European, and part American.

The idea for the car also came from the Packard’s grille from 1936. Then it was built from scratch by Troy Ladd’s Hollywood Hot Rods. Ladd will be a guest at this year’s event.

“This vehicle won everything,” says Tibbetts. “I had the opportunity to meet with the owner and the contractor. This is one of those million dollar vehicles. It is an honor for the event to offer New Mexicans the opportunity to see this vehicle. “

Tibbetts is focused on bringing national magazine feature cars, national custom car show winners, and weird, wild and diverse vehicles.

“Since we started, we’ve built relationships with the builders and owners,” he says. “We also make sure we’re at the biggest car shows to get them. At the other car shows, we also have the opportunity to see the emerging competitors on the racetrack. “

Since the planning takes at least a year, Tibbetts is sticking to organizing the show in his A-Game.

“I’m in Pomona right now, looking at cars for next year and the 2020 show,” he says. “It’s always about getting out and seeing the cars. We have been there long enough that builders and owners are now coming to us to take part in the trade fair. “

According to Tibbetts, the auto show has grown into a family-friendly event that he is proud of.

“This has been the goal since we started,” he says. “It has become a tradition, and we see that it has become a multi-generation event. We’re also a dry event, which means there is no alcohol. “

Tibbetts says he is grateful for the support the event is receiving.

“Between our wives, families, children and friends, we focus on family,” he says. “And we do great charitable work for Ronald McDonald House. About 50 cents of each ticket goes to the charity. We have been fortunate to have made some large donations over the years. “

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