The Albuquerque Animal Shelter is internet hosting a Black Friday pet adoption occasion

“But we not only waive our adoption fees, but also include free castration and neutering. They will be vaccinated, given a day of training, and microchipped so we can reunite them if they are ever lost, ”said Carolyn Ortega, director of Albuquerque Animal Welfare.

The event will not only take place on November 26th. Adoption will also be waived on November 27th and 28th.

On Friday, the event will take place at Lucky Paws and the Petsmart Everyday Adoption Center. On Saturday and Sunday there will be events in the animal shelters East and West, Lucky Paws and the Everyday Adoption Center.

“Shelter animals are so extremely loyal that they don’t always have the quality of life before they walk in, but this is a great chance for someone to give some of these pets a permanent home. said Ortega.

Please visit the Albuquerque City Animal Welfare website for more information.

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