The Albuquerque Cemetery is below risk of vandalism

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A local Albuquerque cemetery is under what staff call an “attack” after being destroyed again. A trail of destruction led Sunset Memorial Park cemetery manager Josh Glass from one corner of the cemetery to the other.

“It’s horrible to have to tell a family that someone came to the park and did this,” said Glass. Flowers and small gifts from loved ones were all torn up and stolen from graves.

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Garbage cans were dumped all over the site. “It’s a shame. A lot of our families come here regularly, ”said Glass.

Cemetery officials assume that the person responsible is homeless. They say after he wreaked havoc on the cemetery grounds, a clerk found him in the maintenance office where he broke into. So they called the police. “Just trashed the whole office,” Glass said.

Shortly afterwards, families of loved ones learned of the vandalism on Facebook. Sara McQuarie suspected the worst. Your mother is buried in the park.

“Not only did they hurt the cemetery, which is bad in itself, but they hurt every family,” said McQuarie. Fortunately, this grave and no other graves were damaged. Even so, she says it’s a frustrating sight.

“It’s about where the crime has gone,” McQuarie said. For cemetery officials, it’s a daily distraction. “We need to focus on our families, on our services, and on maintaining the park,” said Glass. Glass says it’s going to be a never-ending fight.

“With our homelessness problem here in Albuquerque, it happens a lot. Most of the decisions we make about the park are made with the homeless in mind and how they interact with us, ”said Glass. “It keeps me up at night because I’m worried about what’s going to happen here in the evening.”

KRQE News 13 reached out to Albuquerque Police Department and they told us that someone was picked up from this location on Monday morning but for now that’s all they can confirm.

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