The Albuquerque household are nonetheless in search of justice eight years after their son was murdered

“It’s been a long time after eight years. No justice,” said Richard. “Justice has not been found with him and I just feel like I have to reach out and bring it back out so people will know this is an unsolved case too.”

The police believe that the alleged perpetrator has fled to Mexico. Richard Villanueva-Cordova faces the murder accused of stabbing Michael in a gas station parking lot near Central near the 98th in June 2013.

Richard said his son’s murder was the result of an argument between neighbors over a barking dog.

“So he put his knee on him and went to stab him, within 20-25 seconds he stabbed him 28 times all over the body, upper body, lower body and left the scene. And left my son there to die” said Richard.

KOB 4 reached out to New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas for an update on the case. He sent the following statement:

“We continue to work vigorously with state, federal and international law enforcement partners to find the individual responsible for this tragic crime and to bring justice to Mr. Sanchez’s family.”

Richard hopes someone who sees this story will know where the suspect is and will report him, which will bring justice and a degree to his son and family.

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