The Albuquerque household say a person shot their automobile in a site visitors accident

“He stated that he had a child in the car, so my husband and I told him it would be safer to drive, especially if you have a child, and he followed us down Avenida Cesar Chavez,” said the woman who did not want to be identified.

The family said the man eventually got out of his Pontiac Grand Am and started shooting their car.

“The bullets went through the rear window, luckily he didn’t hit us, but he definitely wanted to kill,” said the woman.

Gun violence is not alien to women. In 2019, she saved the life of a man after he was shot.

“To me it’s just amazing to have saved someone’s life because they got shot and then got shot, you know, it’s just amazing. It’s very ironic, ”she said.

Now she wants the suspect caught and the violence in Albuquerque to stop.

“We’re supposed to help each other, and what’s happening in Albuquerque now is not what we’re about,” she said.

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