The Albuquerque household searches for lacking youngsters

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – An Albuquerque family are looking for their 13-year-old son who went missing last week. The family said Emiliano Zamora had never run away and was afraid he might be in danger. “It breaks my heart because I know he wouldn’t,” said Angela Lovato, Emiliano’s aunt. “I just know he wouldn’t.”

Emiliano’s family is desperate to find him. “It’s not him,” said Lovato. “I’m worried about him.”

Lovato, who raised Emiliano, said he had been missing since Thursday night. “It’s been five long days,” said Lovato. “That is completely outside of his character.”

Emiliano, also known as Miklo, lives with his mother, stepfather, and sister in the Sun Pointe Apartments near Montgomery and Carlisle. His mother, Deserae Zamora, said there was a disagreement on Thursday July 8th and Emiliano went for a walk. “He has ADHD and PTSD, so it’s a coping mechanism to help calm yourself down,” Deserae said. “He’s usually gone for about 20 minutes.”

The family reported him missing to Albuquerque police that night after Emiliano failed to return home, but they said they were not satisfied with the response they received. “The officer said, ‘Well, he’ll probably be back. He’s a typical young teenager. When he comes back, keep doing what you do to discipline him and get him done. Give us a call to let us know he’s back. ‘ Emiliano never returned, ”said Lovato.

APD said it understands the family’s concerns and is intensifying efforts to track down Emiliano. He has no phone and left with no money, food or a change of clothes. The family also said he did not have any of his medication. “He’s got really bad asthma,” Deserae said. “He doesn’t have an inhaler… It’s heartbreaking, it’s scary. He’s never done that before. I just want my son to come home. ”

The family has posted leaflets all over Albuquerque in hopes of bringing Emiliano home. “If something happens to him, God forbid, we’re wasting time,” said Lovato.

APD says Emiliano was not found in any local medical facility. Anyone with information about where they are or if they can see them should call APD at 505-235-1039 or 505-924-6096. APD says Emiliano was last seen in a gray shirt, red shorts, and black and red shoes. APD says Emiliano has brown hair and eyes.

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