The Albuquerque manufacturing firm is making a present that highlights adoptable pets

ALBUQUERQUE, NM (KRQE) – A new production company is working to make a difference in the community. Initially, they worked with local chefs and restaurants to create a mini-series about food. Now the show goes to the dogs.

Animal welfare looking for people to care for kittens

Sopapilla Productions works with local animal shelters and rescue services to provide new homes for animals. “People who want to adopt and people who have never thought about adoption can watch and say, ‘Wow, I’ve learned so much, maybe I want to adopt,” said Felicia Masias, who is one of the owners of Sopapilla Productions Based in Albuquerque.

Her new show “Animal House” features cats, dogs and other pets that can be adopted in the region. The pets are available through Watermelon Mountain Ranch, Albuquerque Animal Welfare Center, and Pawsitive Life Rescue.

You also want to connect pet owners with resources and information to make every pet’s life better and healthier. “Dogs can have allergies, dogs have emotions, dogs are really complicated, but we have to be the ones to take care of them because they can’t speak for themselves,” said producer Riley Del Rey.

The city opens a veterinary clinic for pet owners with lower incomes

The goal is to also keep the show entertaining through games and fashion shows with the available pets so that kids and adults can tune in. This show will be another miniseries. Her first series focused on Albuquerque’s food scene. Three episodes of Animal House will air on public television and on Facebook this summer.

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