The Albuquerque Neighborhood Safety Division plans to adapt to the wants of the town

In autumn 2021, dispatchers can send ACS first aiders as well as the police and fire brigade in an emergency.

“I think we’ll be able to make many different types of calls,” said Ruiz-Angel. “That includes abandoned vehicles, one of our top calls we see that don’t always require a badge or a gun.”

Ruiz-Angel believes the new department will help officials who have been asked to do more over the years.

“I think we have asked officers and even firefighters nationwide for years to be our protectors, our social workers, our health workers. I mean, we’ve asked so much of them, and the reality is we have actual experts These are equipped and trained to do this, and we really believe that this will enable the police to receive some of those calls that again take up time and that they simply are not experts in realigning their work on violent crime and then really let ACS do what they are experts in, which is behavioral and mental health, “said Ruiz-Angel.

Ruiz-Angel said the department is ready to adapt to the needs of New Mexicans.

“This is about making sure we meet the community where they are and that we are not necessarily experts on what they are doing right? In their lives, or we want to bring them to the table to let us know Let’s do the right thing, do you feel like being heard? “said Ruiz-Angel.

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