The Albuquerque Police Sergeant advised of an August capturing that left 4 officers injured

“The call came out as an armed robbery of Manzano High School, which obviously piqued my interest,” said Kenny.

Instead, he appeared at Juan Tabo and Copper.

“I came around the corner from Juan Tabo and I think somewhere right by the Big O and I see Mario and James Eichel running down the alley,” said Kenny. “When I saw her running down the alley, I made a U-turn. I’m driving south on Juan Tabo and I hear the gunshots in my car over the radio and there are a lot of them. “

Kenny said he took care to put on his gun plate carrier, which is like a bulletproof vest, except that he can stop gunfire.

He pulled into the Dutch Brothers parking lot and then:

“The suspect appeared on my right and I’m in my driver’s seat, I’m not ready for this yet,” said Kenny.

Kenny said he got out of his car and fired a couple of shots.

“I went to the back, I realize there are a lot of vehicles in the Dutch brother’s parking lot and they’re all busy, I can see their faces, so I’m going back with a different plan.”

He said the shooting lasted a long time – a minute and a half to two minutes. When officers arrested suspect James Ramirez, another officer came to see Kenny to make sure he wasn’t hit.

“He looks directly at my chest with his fingertips and says, ‘Hey, is the hole new?’ I go, ‘which hole?’ I look down, oh I don’t remember seeing it, he starts fumbling around and says ‘I think you got hit’ actually, I have a little notebook, he pulls it out, it has one Hole in it and I am like, yes, I was hit. “

Kenny said the suspect was ready for a fight.

“This guy planned, he knew 100% absolutely what he was doing, 100%. He had a lot of ammunition, he had a lot of magazines and was ready to go to war with someone, be it us or the people he robbed. “

But in the end, Kenny said he was happy to be alive.

“I’ve done some crazy things for 27 years, it was by far the most terrible thing I’ve had in my life. I didn’t think I’d see my wife and son again.”

There are no bodycam recordings of the Kenny incident because when he put on his rifle plate carrier, he somehow turned off his body camera.

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