The district commissioner seeks assist from the First Woman in growing the sources accessible for psychological well being in New Mexico

“You know, she was really receptive. It just kind of spoke to her,” said Pyskoty. “She got it right away, and I think she commented on how she understood that there is a great need for mental health providers.”

According to the State Health and Human Services Department, New Mexico has only enough labor to meet 13% of the state’s mental health needs.

“Well, I can tell you, both as a therapist and as a commissioner, that there is a great need for behavioral medicine professionals across the spectrum, including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, social workers and counselors,” said the commissioner.

Pyskoty said Dr. Biden told her she wanted to get together to address the problem.

“And then she said to me ‘why don’t you work on it and contact my office and work with my office’ and as soon as I left one, one of her staff walked up to me and said, this is my card, this is my email , contact me, ”she said.

The commissioner said if the White House and Dr. If Biden could help, more people would sign up to work in behavioral health.

“Just a good marketing campaign. I think if the First Lady and the White House were really pushing this as a priority for something we need, then it might create some interest in people to think about, maybe I should get into a mental matter . ” Health care professional, ”said Pyskoty.

Commissioner Pyskoty also proposed lending to people working in the mental health field.

“… that if you do a Masters degree and get your Masters in Counseling or Social Work or some other mental health degree, you may be working in an underserved area that is New Mexico every year that it takes a year off your student loan debt “, she said.

Pyskoty said she sent a message to the White House and is waiting for a response.

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