The group helps the lady from Albuquerque who stole her automobile

“My daughter has drug problems,” said Vargas. “She loves her children with all her heart, but this addiction only tears her on. She can’t stay away. “

Vargas went into business for himself in order to have more flexible working hours.

“I do landscaping and housekeeping,” she said.

After Vargas’ car was stolen, her livelihood was also taken away.

“Devastating. I mean, everything just collapsed because even though it was just my landscaping tools, I couldn’t even clean because I got nowhere and had no way of getting a job,” she said.

Vargas made a post on Next Door asking the neighbors if she could borrow landscaping tools until she had enough money to buy her own.

“It was wonderful. People offered to buy me stuff and give me money, go through all of their old tools, everything that had duplicates. It was just really overwhelming. It really melted my heart,” said you.

A lawnmower that used to gather dust in someone else’s garage is now hers. Vargas said her ex-boyfriend let her borrow his work truck, and a stranger even donated three brand new car seats.

“All hope was lost, you know? I didn’t expect to be honest and I was amazed, ”she said.

For Vargas, business has always been much more than a way to make a living. It was a chance for her daughter to have more stability after she got sober.

“She can help me and stay busy and maybe not go back to drugs,” she said.

With the help of her neighbors, Vargas can look forward to a bright future.

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