The Intel growth provides to the rising record of personal sector commitments to New Mexico

“We’re going somewhere and that feels really good,” said Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham.

In the past few months there have been a number of private sector commitments from companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Orion Center building massive development near the Sunport. NBC Universal’s production studio signed a ten-year contract and Netflix pledged to spend $ 1 billion on its Albuquerque production studios. A third production studio will also be named next month.

Reilly White, a finance professor at UNM, said these commitments look like billions of dollars pouring through the state.

“It shows that New Mexico can be a place where big businesses can come in, thrive, hire knowledgeable people, and spend money in the communities we talk about,” he said.

New Mexico State Representative Javier Martinez (D District 11), who was behind the push to legalize marijuana, said these new jobs will offer opportunities to families who are already here.

“Most of these jobs will be in the private sector. These are all industries that are really part of the equation when we talk about diversifying New Mexico’s economy. The more we can grow the non-oil and gas industries, the better it will be for all of us. Not just now, but in the long term, ”he said.

The leaders said their focus is now on building education, lowering the unemployment rate, fighting crime and investing in facilities that could attract more families.

“This will help stem the tide of people moving out in the long run,” White added.

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