The Metropolis of Albuquerque is introducing a brand new Outside Eating Grant program for eating places

In order to be able to apply, companies must first meet these requirements:

  • Have a current business registration and license / permit with the City of Albuquerque.
  • Must be in good standing with the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department.
  • A municipal al fresco dining temporary residence permit for the type of al fresco dining a business is requesting.

Mayor Tim Keller said the fines for registrations, inspections and permits would be lifted.

Metropolitan Redevelopment Agency manager Karen Iverson said companies could wait around two to three days for land use permits. At least 30 people applied for it.

Once these permits are granted, entrepreneurs can apply for the grants.

There are four types of formation that businesses can apply for.

1. Eating on the sidewalk

  • Receive a maximum of $ 2,500

2. Eating in the private parking lot

  • Receive a maximum of $ 3,500

3. Right-of-way parklet (with parking spaces)

  • Receive a maximum of $ 5,000

4. Road closures for restaurants

  • Receive a maximum of $ 10,000
  • Recommended for multiple restaurants or with a neighborhood permit.

Owners can use the money for chairs, construction, personnel, PPE and more.

Iverson said applicants would be entering a lottery. The first could start in 10 days. Companies must complete paperwork within three days of winning.

There will be additional listings for minority or female companies operating in a recognized Metropolitan Redevelopment Area or New Mexico Main Street.

Refunds are an option for all applicants who spent money prior to winning.

Winners must provide proof of how the money has been used 90 days after receipt.

To find out more about the selection process or the scholarship program, click here.

To fill out a funding application, click here.

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