The New Mexico Anti-Gun Violence Group speaks concerning the current faculty shootings

Washington Middle School was closed on Friday after police said a student shot his classmate Bennie Hargrove at lunch.

New Mexicans To Prevent Gun Violence The organizers said they would like all parents to lock their guns and if someone doesn’t have a safe for it, they are willing to provide a gun lock.

“I think if that gun had been locked up and this child had no access to it and this family had information about the importance of locking a gun, this tragedy might not have happened,” said Miranda Viscoli, co-president of New Mexicans to prevent gun violence.

Gun violence prevention new Mexicans said parents should share the blame.

“Laws preventing child access have proven effective and hold people accountable. I am sorry if your gun gets into the hands of a child, you will have to be held accountable for it, ”said Viscoli.

Viscoli urged all parents to secure their guns at home, be it with a gun lock or in a safe, and it is her organization’s goal to ensure that all parents have access to a gun lock.

“If principals or educators are watching this and want their school to distribute free gun locks to parents, they can go to our organization New Mexicans to Prevent Gun, contact us and we will bring you free gun locks and free bilingual security information to your door “Said Viscoli.

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